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tief verwurzelt - immer im fluss
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Literatur die mich geprägt hat

Beratung > Uwe Weißflog
Leadership und Management, Strategie, Organisationsentwicklung, Lifecycles, ...
Collins, James C., Porras, Jerry I., Built to Last, HarperBusiness, 1994
Collins, James C., Good to Great, HarperBusiness, 2001
Max dePree - Leadership is an Art
Max dePree - Leadership Jazz
Drucker, Peter F., Managing for the Future, Truman Talley Books, 1995
Drucker, Peter F., The Practice of Management, Harper Collins Publishers, 1982
Farson, Richard, Management of the Absurd, Simon & Schuster, 1996
Flaherty, James, Coaching – Evoking Excellence in Others
Hamel, Gary, Prahalad, C.K., Competing for the Future, Harvard Business School Press, 1994
Hock, Dee W., Birth of the Chaordic Age
Lorange, Peter, Strategic Planning Process, Dartmouth Publishing Company Limited, 1994
Mintzberg, The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning
Moore, Geoffrey A., Inside the Tornado, HarperBusiness, 1996
Moore, Geoffrey A., Crossing the Chasm, HarperBusiness, 1995
Ohmae, Kenichi, The Mind of the Strategist, McGraw-Hill, 1982
Owen, Harrison, Open Space Technology, Abbott Publishing, 1996
Peters, Thomas J., Waterman, Robert H. Jr., In Search of Excellence
Ries, Al, Trout, Jack, Positioning
Schein, Ed – Organizational Culture and Leadership
Schwarz, Peter, The Art of the Long View,  Bantam Doubleday Dell, 1991
Senge, Peter M., The Fifth Discipline, Bantam Doubleday Dell, 1994 (plus handbooks)
Smith, Adams, The Wealth of Nations, Carmichael & Carmichael, Inc., 1985
Sun-Tzu, The Art of War, The New Translation, Research and Interpretation by j. h. Huang
Weisbord, Marvin R., Common Ground, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., 1995
Weisbord, Marvin R., Janoff, Sandra, Future Search, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., 1995
Whittington, Richard, What is Strategy - and does it matter ?, London,  Routledge, !993
Wheatley Margaret J., Leadership and the New Science

Persönliche Weiterentwicklung, Grundsätzliche Überzeugungen, Interessante Weltbilder, ...
Ernest Becker – The Denial of Death
Peter Bloch - Stewardship
David Bohm  - On Dialogue
Joseph Campbell - The Power of Myth
Joseph Campbell - The Hero with a Thousand Faces
Fritjof Capra - The Tao of Physics
Fritjof Capra – The Web of Life
Pema Chödron, The Wisdom Of No Escape
Pema Chödron, Start Where You Are
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi  - Flow : The Psychology of Optimal Experience
Khalil Gibran, Der Prophet
Hafiz, Mein Herz im Spiegel Deiner Augen, Daniel Ladinsky
Hafiz, The subject tonight is love, Daniel Ladinsky
Erik Homburger Erikson, The Life Cycle Completed
Victor Frankl – Men’s Search for Meaning
Erich Fromm - To Have or to Be?
James Gleick - Chaos : Making a New Science
Krishnamurti - Education and the Significance of Life   
Thomas S. Kuhn - The Structure of Scientific Revolution
Dalai Lama, Ethik ist wichtiger als Religion
Stephen Levine, A Year to Live : How to Live This Year As If It Were Your Last
Humberto R. Maturana, et al - The Tree of Knowledge : The Biological Roots of Human Understanding
Gareth Morgan - Images of Organization
Scott M. Peck - The Road Less Traveled
Rumi, The Glance, Coleman Barks
Rumi, A Year With Rumi, Coleman Barks
Idries Shah, The way of the Sufi
Idries Shah, Die Weisheit der Narren, deutsche Übersetzung von Ute Gromer
Lao-Tzu - Tao Te Cheng , translated by Stephen Mitchell
Varela et al – The embodied Mind
David White - The Heart Aroused
Donah Zohar – The Quantum Self
Gary Zukav - The Dancing Wu Li Masters

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